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A little bit about us

Happy Furfamily: Rooney, Jennifer, Ben, & Brooklyn

Ben & Jennifer hail from the Philadelphia area.

Both come from loving animal homes where they have cared for animals since they were children.

Jennifer grew up with a house full of domestic, Himalayan and Persian cats, in addition to Gypsy the Yellow Lab, Churchill the Border Collie, and Adelaide the Border/Aussie Shepherd. Ben also had pets growing up, a Black Lab named Sheba and McDuff the Sheltie.


When we started dating, Jennifer convinced Ben to adopt a Samoyed together. We also had two cats who lived well into their teens.

In Philadelphia, Jennifer worked a veterinarian’s office, before she and Ben moved to the Cayman Islands. Both Jennifer and Ben have worked with animal rescue groups in three countries (yes, three). While living in the Cayman Islands, Ben had a dedicated portion of his morning radio show where he featured a special animal for the week for adoption.

Jennifer developed and created a group called Animal Kindness, where students learned about proper animal care, promoting health and wellness in animals, and volunteering at the Cayman Islands Humane Society. In addition, she worked with the various animal welfare and rescue groups on island to raise monetary donations and shelter wish list items, as part of her volunteering curriculum with her Year 5 Students each year.

We are committed to humane treatment of animals and have volunteered all over the world to help care for, rescue and re-home animals, until there are none.

Thank you for considering us to care for your furbaby!

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